Are you Game?

Growing up I was exposed to rare culinary…uhm, treats. Since we were quite poor, my father would hunt for meat, for small game, deer, whatever he could shoot. One of the more common entrées was the fuzzy gray speed bump known as “the squirrel”. My father hunted them often, which never seemed much of a challenge to me. Our cat seemed to have no problem catching one in our backyard.  However, my father would come back from hunting with a few and act like it was from some dangerous safari expedition. Complete with tall tales of stalking his prey, militant squirrels and the like. Our cat would just drop one at the front door and be done with it, all the while looking at my father with pity. No, eating them would prove to be a far greater challenge.

Squirrel graced our table frequently, and there might be a way to cook squirrel and have it taste good, but my mom did not know that way. My mom was a horrible cook, how bad you say? She had a hard time with making toast. She would make squirrel stew an adventure in eating. The stew took on the characteristics of the squirrel itself…it would turn grey, all except for the peas, which I hate.

I remember one Thanksgiving, there simply was no money for anything close to a traditional turkey feast, and we were going to have to eat whatever was still frozen in our freezer for our meal. Fresh squirrel stew is one thing, squirrel stew that has been frozen for months is ungodly, squirrel stew does not age well, but that is all we had.

There was a knock at the door and when my mom answered, there was a man carrying a huge box. We let him in and he placed the box on our dining room table. Wishing us a happy Thanksgiving, he left as soon as he came. Inside the box were all the fixings for a hearty meal, including an already cooked turkey. I never did learn where that man came from, but I was so thankful he came that night.

Believe it or not, I look back at those times with fondness, (now that the squirrel stew nightmares have ended). They are memories of the faithfulness of our Father’s care. I really don’t remember the taste of squirrel, (someone say Hallelujah!), but I recall the provision He made for us during those times.

Those memories have taught me that, whatever our state, whatever our position, we need to be thankful to our God.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Have a blessed Thanksgiving all!

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