Signs and Wonders

An early November snow had blanketed our yard during the night and we awoke amazed to see this premature intrusion of winter. When Isaac our four-year-old son woke up and saw the surprise snowfall he had an interesting observation. Wiping the sleep from his eyes he asked; "Where are the presents?" "What presents gifthoney?" My wife replied. "The Christmas presents, it snowed, it must be Christmas!" Isaac explained. He saw a sign and fully expected wonders to follow and it spoke volumes about his childlike faith.

Christmastime is signs and wonders time. I believe there are angel songs still filling the sky with the promise of the Messiah, wishing for a human ear to receive the Good News. A grand story has swept us up in its plot and wishes for us to become more than bit players. It is an epic tale flowing from the heart of God, with a story line full of signs and wonders. A lost world, a lost people, needs redemption of cosmic proportion. Father God makes sure the world receives just that. A young woman gives birth to a child who would someday deliver her and all of humanity. Mix in angels, shepherds, wise men, an angry king, some roman soldiers, dreams and an escape to Egypt and you got a story for the ages.

Signs and wonders can fill our own story. Like Scrooge we can "keep Christmas well" and give of ourselves. The Creator eagerly invites us to share center stage with Him in the miracle of creating life changing events. By giving freely we can perform simple deeds for those in need around us, that's a guaranteed sign and wonder in my book.

Christmas is a sign, an opening to join our story with this wondrous one, to stop being an understudy and get in the play.

"You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father's face and tell him you have received his Christmas gift." - John R Rice

Blessings, Jay


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