A Great Way to Spend 40 Days

Review for:
Living Life in the Zone
A 40-Day Spiritual Gameplan for Men_140_245_Book.118.cover
By Kyle Rote and Joe Pettigrew

Over the 40 years I have walked with Christ I have read many men centered devotional books. Some have impressed and have remained on my book shelf for future use; others have been long forgotten. Living Life in the Zone by Kyle Rote and Joe Pettigrew will have a long shelf life in my home.

This study is by far one the best men devotional books I have ever studied. Each chapter is broken down into easily assimilated sections covering the issues (Coach’s Corner), with Scriptural references (Game Plan), real life examples (Playmakers), insightful questions to ponder (Time Out) and real life application (Today’s Assignment). The chapters are geared around the different relationships in a man’s life and the roles of husband, father, friend and co-worker.

I really enjoyed how the authors connected the real life stories and Scriptures to the particular chapter issue being discussed. Kyle and Joe’s up close and personal view into the lives of many famous sport figures were fascinating and powerful. Those stories and observations added weight to the point being driven home (no sport pun intended). The questions at the end of each chapter would be great in a small group to stimulate discussion. That is why I recommend taking this 40 day journey with a few close brothers. If you have older sons, it would be a great discipleship tool to go through with them. Overall I found this study challenging, well thought out and enjoyable to read.



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