Seven Promises from Your Dad

I wrote this a few years ago for my kids, something I try to live up to everyday. It’s also one of the seminars I’m developing for a men’s retreat. So, what do you think? Have you made similar commitments/promises to your kids?


  1. I am committed to love you always.  
  1. I am committed to display my love for you and openly show my favor with words and deeds.
  1. I am committed to lead by example and help you grow in the character of Christ.
  1. I am committed to help prepare you to be a person of purity in heart, body and soul.
  1. I am committed to know you, your dreams, gifts, and help you explore your God given abilities.
  1. I am committed to help you confront and conquer your fears and weaknesses.
  1. I am committed to love and honor your mom all the days of my life.

© 2010 Jay Cookingham


Leigh said…
Awesome. It reminds me of my Dad, Guy. He is one who walks the talk and has exhibted all points. Years after I went to live with them he said with me, he learned to endure. He was not just committed, he was dedicated. I am so thankful for real men like that and your encouragement to other men to do the same.
Unknown said…
Guy is some...GUY...I love that dude!

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