You know you need help with computers when you think…

1. Booting up means putting on winter footwear. Buisinesswoman screaming at her lap top

2. Cursors are the people who use really bad language at work.

3. FTP has something to do with sending flowers.

4. The term “regular backup” has you reaching for the ex-lax.

5. A Nanochip is some kind of low-fat snack.

6. Megahertz is a really large rental car place.

7. Shotgun debugging is a really intense method of pest control.

8. A semiconductor is a part time railroad employee.

9. A mother board is what your mom used to spank you with.

10. A java ring is a coffee stain on your favorite mug.

Jay Cookingham © 2003

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Unknown said…
Thanks Jason...I get a little crazy sometimes!

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