belief2 I was going through some old files and came across something that I almost forgot I wrote. It was an exercise from a leadership class I was taking in 1999. The point of the exercise was to write down a personal creed and themes for our life, the result is below. Looking it over has caused some wonderings about how well I lived up to this “creed” and the themes I expressed as important. I will be spending time in reflection for sure this weekend!

How about you…do you have a personal creed? Let me know what you think.


Jay’s Personal Creed 8/27/99

By God’s grace I will seek to add to His Kingdom all the measure of a man, a leader, a brother, a father and a husband He desires. Surrendering to His purpose and His plans, I will give myself to strengthening all relationships given to me to touch. Allowing the Spirit to flow through my gifts, and through study and sacrifice I will seek to be more like His Son daily.

My Five Themes (What I will focus my learning on, perfecting)

1. Marriage
2. Fathering
3. Brotherhood/Unity
4. Creativity (art, writing, poetry)
5. Humor the gift of laughter


jasonS said…
I like it! I wrote something similar for my personal life as well as my music ministry at one point. It was much longer (like a page and a half). I think maybe I should revisit it but boil it down to something like you have here. Good idea!
S. Etole said…
I don't have one that I have ever put in writing ... might be an enlightening project!
Unknown said…

I'm thinking mine should be shorter also...

S. Etole,
The project I think is a revealing one...

Blessings to you both!
Unknown said…
Jason and S.Etole...

Thanks for the comments. I do believe the exercise is a healthy one to dive into...also a revealing one!


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