You Know You’re a Dad When:

shirts_luv_dad_close 1. Your suits go from looking like they came from Brooks Brothers to
looking like they came from the Marx Brothers.

2. Your garage becomes an unofficial warehouse for Toys R Us.

3. During potty training, the football terms “end run” and “backfield in motion” take on a whole new meaning.

4. You give up watching sports to watch someone called
“Spongebob Squarepants”.

5. Sleeping is all relative…depending on all the small relatives
in your house sleeping.

6. The EPA declares your clothes a biohazard after “sharing lunch”
with your 2 year old.

7. You take on all the characteristics of a pack mule on family outings.

8. Your clothes become “costumes” for pint size “actors” living in your house.

9. Action figures and former food items find their way into
your shoes, pockets and pillows.

10. You say “Did you go potty?” so often, that your kids
thinks it’s their nickname.

Jay Cookingham - October 2, 2010


jasonS said…
Woohoo! According to your list, I'm a dad! :)

Thanks for the smile today.
Rick Apperson said…
Ha Ha That is funny!
Duane Scott said…
Haha... This is hilarious.
S. Etole said…
some of these spill over into being a grandparent, too ... just thought you'd like to be forewarned
Unknown said…
S.Etole...thanks for the warning!
Anonymous said…
Yes, thanks for the smile. I might add that besides spilling over into being a grandparent, they can also spill over, literally on moms!
Brought back a few of many memories!
Unknown said… wife would echo that! Thanks for dropping my small part of the blog world!

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