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HatterasBeach Every morning I ask Father to speak to me the word for today…through that exploration I discover more about His heart towards me. I hope and pray they speak to you.

“Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.”  - Michelle Held

Let Your hand be on the Man of Your right hand, on the Son of man whom You have made strong for Yourself. Psalm 80:17

The word for the day: PLUSplus_sign_tshirt

Took an early morning walk with Dan (my 12-year old son), a cool, windy beach greeted us. Dan is nearly as tall as I am now; when summer is over, “Nearly” is a word I will not use in describing his height in comparison to me. He is changing right before my eyes.

The beach and the ocean of Hatteras remind me of change. For the 20 (plus years) I have been coming to this majestic place I have seen many changes. The Island has changed, the dunes have changes, the people have changed…I have changed. I first came as a young husband, barely recognizable as a man, and morphed into a 54-year-old father of seven. How did that happen?

I’m guessing it has something to do with the word “plus”…that’s the word the Father gave me this morning. I am not exactly sure what it means for me yet but it reminds me of another description for this place. Its the word…discovery…that’s the fun part. The Scripture in Psalms 80 reads this way in the CEV translation (Contemporary English Version).

“But help the one who sits at your right side, the one you raised to be your own.”

He has raised me to be His own…that’s the powerful change that has made my life what it is…blessed. My life “plus” His has relationally changed me forever.

That’s is a good word.


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jasonS said…
Yes it is. As soon as I started reading, it reminded me of a sermon I heard years ago from 2 Peter 1 called Faith Plus where Peter tells them to "add to the faith, goodness, and to goodness, knowledge" and goes through... I'll have to revisit that- it was so good!

Thank you sir.
S. Etole said…
I have never been to the beach but it appears a wonderful place to go to listen and hear.
Duane Scott said…
Oh, the beach... I'm so jealous. There is something so magnificent about it!

And yes, I like that word!
JC Dude said…
Thanks for commenting all! I am hearing so much clearer here. God bless ya!


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