Clothes Do Make The Man (or The Woman)

Today my post has been graciously hosted by Mari-Anna Frangén Stålnacke who authors the wonderful FLOWING FAITH. Ponderings of an Almond Tree in Bloom Blog. Make sure you visit her blog (and not because my post is there), I think you’ll be blessed by her insight and faith in God! Thanks Mari-Anna!

clothes-line Clothes Do Make The Man (or the woman)

For years there has been a conspiracy of epic proportions in my house. Disguised as cute kids, an underground organization dedicated to rendering my wardrobe useless has infiltrated my closet and plundered my clothes drawers. Now daily I find myself outfit impaired and “garmently” challenged. I would sue for emotional damages, but they are my kids after all. Take my socks for instance, (whoops, poor choice of words); with five boys active in this underground, all who have socks of their own by the way, my socks never seem to remain in my drawer. I do find them on the floor but that’s another subversive movement I’m investigating.



jasonS said…
Nice! Heading over...
S. Etole said…
I enjoyed the "heading over" and I appreciated the scripture you left this morning ... thank you!
Unknown said…
Jason and S.Etole..nice of you both to leave comments! Thanks!
Barry Maish said…
I am agree with you clothes make the man or woman. Clothes shows the personality of the person. And clothes should be worn according to the place. At business place formal clothes should be worn.

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