Bad Sheep Time – Back from Da Beach

It was sad to leave Cape Hatteras, NC and we hit the ground running when we got back. My wife and I celebrated our 28th Anniversary, my father in-law’s birthday, started the graduation party circuit, numerous baseball games…whew…I think I need another vacation! Anyways, the Bad Sheep boys have something to say today…enjoy!


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jasonS said…
Don't get mixed up with those loan sharks now! ha!

The rest enables us to push then we rest and push some more. It's a beautiful cycle God has set up!

Praying increased blessings, grace, and creativity for you today in Jesus' name.
Unknown said…
Jason...thanks for the prayers! My wife and I sat down with the calendar and "planned" out the, am I booked.

S. Etole said…
gotta stay away from those guys ... :-)
Unknown said…
S.Etole...yeah, they're baaaad dudes!

caryjo said…
If you could just see my shaking my head and rolling my eyes you'd get a clear idea of my response to your humor. [...And hearing my chuckling, of course.]
Duane Scott said…
LOL. I love the simple humor and laugh I get outta these. :) Thanks@
Unknown said… kids have the same reaction! They have been putting up with my "jokes" for years. Thanks for coming by!

Duane, appreciate it buddy...I do "simple" very well!
Peace to you all!

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