Bad Sheep Time – Team USA Tribute

Well, it's my second post of the day because the Bad Boys of Wool convinced
me to pay a tribute to Team USA. I have to admit that I don't like soccer (huge baseball fan, Lets Go Mets) but that was an impressive win by the USA. So here is Bad Sheep's tribute...blessings, Jay

bad sheep no. 12












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Duane Scott said…
Smirktacular! :)
Jay Cookingham said…
Is that one of your made up words?
Michael said…
Okay, I feel the same way you do about soccer and baseball. But I differ in one major way: Go Reds! :)

Seriously though, this is way funny.
Jay Cookingham said…
Michael, I never forgiven the REDS over Buddy Harrelson! Just kidding Bro', thanks for coming by!

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