Dreams Do Come True

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. - Dr. Seuss

108 On June 5, 1982, all my dreams came true. In my story my princess did come, for twenty-eight years ago I married Christine Marie Breden, the truelove of my life. I can’t think of a person I enjoy more than my bride, whose gift of love has brought me to life many times over. The Father continually uses Christine to heal my wounded spirit, encourage my heart and adjust my vision.

This landslide of love is the key to our marriage, which flows down to our kids and others in our life. I thank Father God for this awesome adventure called matrimony; it has made me more like Him in the process. I enjoy being married to my best friend; going on this journey together is a powerful source of strength. Our story is still being written; we still have issues to work on…areas of our lives that need His healing. I have discovered that romance is more than flowing words and lighted candles. Romance is pursuit…the passionate and pure pursuit of my wife’s heart. That’s where relational discovery is made and wounds are healed. It’s also where the cementing of our commitment to each other is affirmed and valued.

The seasons of marriage stretch us and after 28 years I KNOW that to be true. Yet, it is a good stretch, a positive growth and one that powers intimacy. Yes, my dream did come true and I’m going to live it large everyday God gives us.

Below is a poem I wrote for my wife a few years ago…



Love Sonnet for One

I could seek out a thousand blossoms,
inhaling none like the aroma of your love.
Countless sunrises could fill my horizon and
not brighten my day more than your smile.

The moon jealously guards her sky,
knowing your rising during the night
would outshine her glow.

The air tingles with excitement on touching
your cheek as you pass by.
Sound itself, hushes to take in the melody
of your voice.

Rainbows swirl with mere color while your
eyes captures them all.
Beauty is not a grand enough word to
fill the picture of you.

Such is your grace,
where flowers bathed by the sunrise,
given rest by moonlight,
pale in your company.

Where dreams and elements seem less
than all you are.

I am a castaway on the shores of your heart.
No desire of rescue is found within me.
I find myself lost in your pleasant walkways
seeking more.

Jay Cookingham, September 18, 2002 ©
Dedicated to my wife Christine


jasonS said…
So great. Happy anniversary to you both! May God's blessings continue to rest on your lives and marriage...
Unknown said…
Thanks Jason! I am a blessed man!
S. Etole said…
What a wonderful expression of your love ... anniversary blessings to you both
Unknown said…

Thank you so much!

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