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Because the Sovereign LORD helps me, I will not be disgraced. Therefore have I set my face like flint, and I know I will not be put to shame. Isaiah 50:7

This has been a good weekend for reflection and God easing my heart over the load I’m carrying. Whenever I’m stressed out beyond my limits I soon realize that I’ve drifted from the Father. So today I visited this post from 2009 and would like to share with you all again. I pray that it speaks to you and helps you where you may be on your journey with Him. Blessings, Jay

In an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation, two of my favorite characters had a great conservation about fathers. Data (the android) and Worf (the Klingon, a great candidate for a church elder I think) were discussing a “dream” Data had about his creator. Since this was a first (a dream; that is) for Data and for androids in general he sought out Worf. Dreams and visions are big in Klingon culture, as their relationships with their fathers are. Here’s the conversation starting after Data asking Worf what he should do about the dream concerning his father (creator).

WORF: If it has anything to do with your father, you must learn all you can about it. In the Klingon MajQa ritual, there is nothing more important than receiving a revelation about your father.

As Worf gives advice to Data, he suddenly realizes he's talking to himself as well...

WORF (continuing): Your father is part of you...always. Learning about him tells you about yourself...That is why, no matter where he is... or what he's done... you must find him.

Data looks puzzled.

DATA: But I am not looking for my father.

Worf looks at him.

WORF: Yes, of course...

Worf's next words are meant just as much for him, as they are for Data.

WORF (continuing): Do not stop until you have the answer.

At the risk of boring you with my passion of Star Trek adventures, I wanted to share with you this episode (called Birthright). I think Worf has hit on something—the need to receive a revelation of our Father—to know ABBA in a deeper way. The MajQa ritual Worf speaks of involves prayers, solitude and fasting and the intent is to understand one’s place and purpose.

We need those moments of reflection, for knowing the Father changes everything. I mean, “knowing” the Father, the way He thinks, moves, and feels. Knowing more about God changes the data we have collected on Him but revelation of whom He is impacts us far greater. Knowing Him is a lifelong pursuit, a journey of relational exploration.

This journey challenges us as providers, in the way we lead, and the manner in which we care for those in our lives. It probes and tests us daily as men of action and as men of faith. There is great need to believe more fervently in what the Father says and obey Him with the tenacity of devoted sons.  As Worf said…do not stop until you have the answer. The passion of pursuing a deeper relationship with the Father is in us all. We can try to push it aside or ignore it but the longing to know and be known will never be silent in our souls.

As a father I want to love my children as they need to be loved, just like the Father loves me. I desire to be like Him, drawing my own children to me and allowing them to “know” me. This passion must overwhelm me; I must find Him daily, and in this position—one of total sold-out commitment—that we find our fathering stronger than ever before.

Setting my face like flint…towards the Father!

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S. Etole said…
Indeed like flint as He is a rewarder of those who seek Him ...
jasonS said…
Love it! You never bore me with Star Trek revelation. :) Excellent reminder, Jay. Thank you.
Jay Cookingham said…
He is indeed sister, he is indeed! Than for the reminder!

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