Won't You Be My Neighbor?


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This post is a part of a weekly book discussion hosted by Jason Stasyszen of Connecting to Impact and Sarah Salter of Living Between the Lines. I encourage you to check out the other posts which can be found on their sites. The Book we are discussing is The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns…this week,
Chapter 5 – The Three Greatest Commandments.

mr rogers

I’m not sure why but chapter 5 made me think of Mr.Rogers…yes, that Mr.Rogers. You may think me strange (and correctly so) but I think that cardigan wearing, Presbyterian minister/TV kid show host had something to say about being a neighbor…at least his life did. At his funeral in 2003, Teresa Heinz Kerry said of Rogers…

"He never condescended, just invited us into his conversation. He spoke to us as the people we were, not as the people others wished we were."

Hold on to that quote….

According to Richard Stearns, the “Bible for Dummies” is this verse.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. And love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27

Or simply put…“Love God. Love your neighbor.”

My neighbors (most of them) know we’re Christians, so why are they not banging at my door to find out more? Perhaps it’s the way I love my neighbors…could it be that simple? The Gospel message is simple; loving like the Father is not…that part, I make difficult.

God so loved, He gave. It’s the good news…it’s the best news!
So, I ask myself these questions.

What am I willing to give?

Who am I willing to love?

Who am I willing to invite into “the” conservation?

If we allow these questions to challenge us, they can give insight to the heart of God, allowing us to see with His vision. Neighbors look different and more importantly, the people we see as our neighbor changes.

“For all the Law is fulfilled in one word, even in this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

Move on my heart to love and to give like yours. Let my life be an invitation that opens doors for my neighbors to come to a deep and abiding relationship with you. Amen

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HisFireFly said…
Amen Jay.. my heart and voice joins with yours in prayer.
jasonS said…
Amen. Loving like the Father is just a response to His love. I'm the one who makes it difficult. Great post as always, Jay. Thank you!
Dusty Rayburn said…
Awesome prayer! Praying with you.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Dusty...appreciate that support!
Jay Cookingham said…
Many thanks Jason...I appreciate that!
Herb Halstead said…
Love the prayer, Jay!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Mike...appreciate ya!
Jay Cookingham said…
Herb, thanks and bless ya!

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