SUNFLOWER%202 What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?  ~Jenny DeVries

As promised here is my list of my online sisters who bless me with their wisdom, their talents and their lives. I posted my Bro-nation list a few days ago (you can find it here)

These sisters have encouraged me with words, photography, poetry and an awesome, on fire devotion to Jesus. Head on over to their sites and see the life of our Master expressed through their words.

Blessings, Jay

Susan at Just a Moment Here

Sandra at Sandra Heska King Here

Sarah at Living Between the Lines Here

Leigh at Tokens of His Love Here

Bridget at Bridget Chumbley Here

Karin at Flickers of a Faithful Firefly Here

Mari-Anna at Flowing Faith Here

Caryjo at caryjo-roadrunner Here

Michelle at Psalm 104:24 Here

Ginny at Make a Difference to One Here

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jasonS said…
What a collection of powerful women of God. I can't say I know all of them, but the ones I do know bless me in such profound ways. Thanks Jay!
Jay Cookingham said…
They are a blessing for sure...thanks Bro'
Mari-Anna said…
You are always so full of wonderful ideas, creative endeavors, and breath-taking words that it constantly amazes me. Thank you for including me in your sister-nation. What a blessing! I am truly blessed by your friendship, brother! Abundant blessings to you, your family, and your ministry as you continue to share your heart for Christ with the world!
Jay Cookingham said…
That was so kind of you to say Mari-Anna! I can't tell you enough how much you are a blessing to me but I thank God for Sister Nation for sure! Blessings on you and your family as well.
SandraHeskaKing said…
Oh, Jay. I have no words. My heart bursts with gratitude this morning. Thank you. You bless me so.
Jay Cookingham said…
You are most welcome Sandra...I am blessed by all you share!
S Etole said…
Deeply grateful to be included with these fine women ... and deeply grateful for you.

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