Everyday Testimony

Today’s post (actually yesterday’s) is part of the Everyday
Testimony Project hosted by friend and fellow blogger Jason
of Endless Impact.
Head on over and read the testimonies posted
and then share yours!

etp-button What is an everyday testimony? Do I need one? Do I even have one? I ponder these questions because they came to mind when I began to write this post. Everyday I face an internal power struggle between two kingdoms…the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of me. Which King has my allegiance? Which realm will I choose to live in?  It is my testimony, my awareness of what God has done for me; that helps me decide wisely.

Read the rest here…

Blessings, Jay


jasonS said…
Excellent, Jay! Thank you so much for being a part. I am truly honored by everyone who has chosen to get involved. Blessings!

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