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On Sunday I shared this message at my home church (Bridge Builders Community Church). I fought my way through it, holding back tears all the way. When I started speaking I felt the weight of God’s mercy like never before. It was overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. The by-product is that this “sermon” is only 21 minutes long. I would appreciate your feedback on this DEEP subject.



You can listen on iTunes as well (HERE) or at my SF website (HERE)

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jasonS said…
Listening now, Jay! Thanks so much for sharing. Be blessed, friend. :)
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Jason...sure do appreciate ya bro'!
bill (cycleguy) said…
Listening now also Jay.  Not sure how much I will get done in one sitting.  Thanks for sharing your heart. 
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks for taking the time my brutha! That blesses me Bill.

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