God is Forgiving


I have the awesome honor of guest posting over at Making a Difference To One hosted by my Sister-nation member Ginny. I hope you’ll head on over and leave a few insightful comments! Bless ya! Jay


The deepest part of the ocean at 36,200 feet (11,033 m or 11.03 km) is an alien looking place called Challenger Deep, within the Marianas Trench. This cold, deep dark is far beyond the reach of sunlight and is as remote of a place as you can find on this planet.

Imagine for a moment a place so far away, so unreachable and unseen that it boggles the mind. (Read more here)

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Dustin said…
Headin over now!
Miawa said…
I read it, what a beautiful statement and understanding of "forgiveness".
Jay Cookingham said…
Thank you...God is good!

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