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Hey everybody! I’ve been off from work since last week, one week for an injured foot and now I’m on vacation…yay! I’m trying to finish my book, meditate on where God is leading me and hopefully get some rest. What I would like to share today is something from an old newsletter I wrote a few years ago. Reading it this morning gave me some insight into what my heart should reflect on this week. I hope it speaks to you as well. I appreciate you all, God bless! – Jay Cookingham

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning? Have you not understood since the earth was founded?”
Isaiah 40:21

The Father really knows how to ask a question. From the garden, questions that included “Who told you were naked?” to the lord’s own question of “Who touched me?” Throw some of God’s questions to Job in the middle and we can sense the position of God in our lives. When He asks me a question its always to get at something in my life. He knows the answer, so He is not seeking information.

What is he after then? I believe He is giving me a heart shakedown, making me check out my heart from the inside out. Through such questions God causes us to (hopefully)  re-think where we place Him in our lives. Go on, check these beauties out.

Where are you? Genesis 3:9

Why are you angry? Genesis 4:6

Where is Abel your brother? Genesis 4:9

Where is Sarah your wife? Genesis 18:9

What is your name? Genesis 32:27

But who do you say I am? Mark 8:29

Know what I believe? I think God asks more questions than we do, trying to wake us up to the purposes of His Kingdom. The Father stirs our memory with His inquires, reminding us of His presence in all our reflections. He corrects attitudes and marks the difference between right and wrong with righteous queries. God uses questions to show us the expanse of just who He is and drops us in the middle of it all to demonstrate the largeness of His love for us. I really find out more about who I am when I paid more attention to the questions my Father is asking me. When I listen closely to the way He poses the question I discover even more.

A few years ago He flooded new insight into my world when I heard Him ask the following; “What if I make you a ________?” (I’m leaving part this blank for a reason, if you really want to know you can e-mail me).

For a day or two I paid more attention to the blank part of the question. Then He
enlightened my heart and I revisited the question this way.

What if I make you a ________?”

Then I saw that my focus should be on the “I” part, the part that God was reminding me of His position in my life. The anxiousness I felt was unnecessary, I now understood that He would work through me, my striving was not needed. Discerning the question made the difference, oh I like answers, but it this case the Father taught me a mind-transforming lesson.

Father, bless us with your questions today. Rock our world with your penetrating presence, changing us from the inside out! Amen!

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Dusty Rayburn said…
"What if I make you a ________?"

 Here am I Lord, mold me, use me, send me!
bill (cycleguy) said…
Good word Jay.  That is one penetrating question, one that certainly can't be answered in a second.  Didn't know you were off work Jay.  Hope the foot is healing and so is your heart.  :)  Can't wait to hear what He is teaching you. 
Jay Cookingham said…
Hey, thanks Bill! Sorry we couldn't connect this trip to Indiana, hopefully next time. Foot is better and God is comes the walk by faith part. Bless ya!
Jay Cookingham said…
Amen Dusty...that's the prayer of my heart as well!
Moe said…
 I love that God asks questions. Even when people asked Jesus a question, he would answer it with just another questions. Questions allows us to think and reflect. So needed today in such a "fast" world we live in. Good word Jay!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Moe! Sometimes the questions that God asks really blow my mind!
mohan37 said…
So good, man!  It's key to keep the focus on God, and not ourselves.  It's easy to forget that everything we have the potential to become is because of Him and through Him.
Jay Cookingham said…
So true Mo...His questions are meant to free us and become more like Him. Thanks Bro'
S Etole said…
I really want to know!!! Hope your foot is soon back to normal and your vacation all that you could hope for.
Jay Cookingham said… is the great reveal...the missing word is.....pastor! Long story there I'm afraid...thanks and God bless!
jasonS said…
 Love it. Great perspective, Jay. Thank you!

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