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While RETOOLED waits in another publisher's pile of submissions (praying that this experience is better than the last one) I thought I update you all on my dream list. I wrote about dreams quite a bit lately (here and here) so I figured I give you a small peek into what I think God is asking of me. All these "projects" is part of my larger dream of encouraging men in their roles of husband, father and brother. Oh, BTW...this is the short list.
  • Co-writing a book with my wife on marriage called "Spoken For"
  • Finishing up a book called "Passage"
  • Finishing a book called "Strategic Fatherhood"
But wait...there's more..
About a month ago I felt like God was asking me to start a new project. I foolishly asked God if He's taken a look at my list of projects lately...let's just say that I am really blessed that God has a sense of humor. The idea that God gave me was to do a devotional book for men...so I began to muse about the idea and wondering who would want another devotional book...specially one from me?
A few days later I was at a graduation party and a close brother, someone I respect and listen to, (one of my point men) said I should write a devotional book...that was all the confirmation I needed.
The book is called "Journey365: A Strategic Devotional for Men" It will be a journal as well as a devotional and yes...God help me please...365 days of encouragement.
I need your help (prayers) and your feedback. Here is the cover design (yes, I designed it) but I would like to ask a few questions. Would you please comment and give me your opinion...I would appreciate it! Oh, yes this is geared towards men but sisters your opinions are important to me as well.

1. How do you like the cover?
2. Do you use a devotional book along with the Bible?
3. What would you like to see in a men's devotional?

One more question…any dreams you’re working on that I can pray about?
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bill (cycleguy) said…
First, I like, not make that love the cover.  Very manly. Eye-catching.

Second, yes I use several different kinds off and on but at the moment no "man devo."

Third, I would recommend shorter devos with pointed questions that don't require a lot of time.  Thought maybe but time no.  I find myself starting out well on them, then rushing through, then putting it aside because of time. 

just my .02 worth  jay.  Looking forward to seeing what God places on your heart. 
Tony J. Alicea said…
The cover looks great. Very stylish and professional!

I've used ODB and My Utmost For His Highest but I haven't used a devotional regularly in about 2 years.

What I would like to see is more of a focus in general on humility. As men and leaders, I don't think humility is talked about enough. I think you could bring tons of wisdom to this subject and be a huge encouragement and challenge for men.

I'm praying for all these projects, Jay!
Cindy Holman said…
Love the cover!  I'm not a man - but I do use a devotional app along with my Bible reading and I love it.  Good luck with your new book, Jay - it's awesome!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Bill...I want to keep it short and to the point...no need to add to the load we carry as men. Appreciate you comments bro', they mean a lot to me.
Jay Cookingham said…
Tony I agree...humility is often a forgotten subject but one so needed. Afterall, our Lord was all about humility wasn't He? Thanks for the encouragement bro'!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Cindy...I appreciate you taking on a "man post" and sharing your opinion and encouragement!
jasonS said…
That is a wonderful cover. Definitely makes me want to pick it up. I've never used a devotional side-by-side with my Bible reading, but I'm certainly not opposed to the idea. You already know what to pray for in my sphere, and I'm praying for you too, friend. Excited about this, Jay.
Jay Cookingham said…
Appreciate the support bro' and I will be praying for you Jason!
Gary said…
Cover 6 of ten.  It's visually demanding, harsh, and my guess is that half the personalities of the potential men readers will not be attracted.  I do agree symbols more than a photo of a guy walking somewhere.

Nope.  I do one or the other.  I do read Eldredge devotional book excerpts, often quickly. Would I buy?  Would I download and print?  Would I read if a Kindle smart phone app?  Other than my loyalty to you, answers are, "Nope."

Content?  I suggest a theme.  Family leadership would be good.  My generational and fathering issues would be good fodder.  Lots of those.  Delivering hope in a darkening future, is a father's job.  Good for men, something for older boys, dads, would-be dads, grandads. I suggest topical within the theme(vice "daily" or verse trails through scripture), well indexed so as to be a "true man's" resource for common challenges.  Hey, between my life and yours, we could put together enough topics for two years worth!

Yeah, I'm still struggling--still enthused and working it--with the writing (time and distractions even though I'm pretty much off the net addictions these days).  So if you get the go-ahead for On High, let me know and I'll trade you prayers.  Seriously.
Jay Cookingham said…
Appreciate the straight shooting Gary...I really do. Your insight means alot
to me and you have my prayers bro'. Finish that book!
Glynn Young said…
I like the cover. It suggests a "work in progress."
Yes, I often use a devotional with the Bible.

Something designed for men -- at different stages of their lives -- young, middle-aged, old.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Glynn...that's what I'm aiming for...might just throw some warrior poetry in there!
MichaelDPerkins said…
Love the cover

I don't use one while reading, but I use one later on in the day

What would I like to see? I like to the point ones...
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Mike...I appreciate your to the point feedback! Bless you bro'

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