What I Don't Understand



Grace, full and free...given to me

The cost of Messiah love...spent on me

A King who washes the filth of feet and my soul

Mercy, undeserved and poured out on me

Forgiveness, mine...because He died for me

I don't understand any of these but I rejoice in all of them. What about you...what don't you understand but rejoice in?

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I understand very, very little and that's why I'm so glad He cares about me.
jasonS said…
I have so much about God that I mentally assent to, but I don't fully understand (your list being part of it). So thankful I don't have to understand it all to receive His benefits! Thanks Jay.
Jay Cookingham said…
I guess I really don't understand much but that He is good! Thanks Jason!

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