Randomness Reunion


No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet or even run out of life stuff to write about…I have been busy with that life stuff. So in order to answer the request of my many fans (wink, wink…you know who you are) here is few reposts of randomness to satisfy the blog crave you’re experiencing (or not) right now. BTW…(sssshhhh) I’m supposed to be sermon prepping right now so lets keep this quiet OK?







A New Beckyism (My nine yr-old daughter) One Sunday not too long ago in church (http://www.bridgebuilderscc.com/HOME.html) our pastor was talking about discipline and he asked the kids a question.

Pastor Tim: “Kids, do your parents talk about discipline at home?
What words do they use?

Becky: (very loud) “Banishment”

Now we are are not talking about sending our children out in the wilderness to suffer but let’s say for example, that when they lose playing video game rights (because of poor behavior)…then they are “banished”. Of course my older kids starting yelling out things like floggings, mind control…I’ll get them later.


My theory about what makes a good movie involves…chickens.chicken_thumb[2]

Every good movie has a chicken in it, mentions chickens or (in the case of Sci-Fi) has some creature that resembles a chicken. Really bad movies will try to fool you into believing that you’re watching a good movie by randomly throwing a chicken in. However, the attempt is usually lame and obvious.

Now that you know the secret, you’ll never look at films the same way again. Watch for the chicken…it’s worth it.


If I meet you in person and we become friends, I will probably call you bro’, dude or studhead…provided you’re a male that is. Actually, I’ve moved on…now I don’t even have to meet you in person for you to get that honor!

RANDOMNESS #4charismata_thumb[2]

I once traveled in a Christian Band called Charismata…can you find me? Win a valuable prize…well, no prizes but you’ll feel really important if you do!






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Glynn said…
I'm thinking (Randomness #4), Hmmm. all that hair throws me off. Seated, far right?
Jay Cookingham said…
Close....standing far right in back!
S. Etole said…
Good to see you and your randomness here once again.
Jay Cookingham said…
Bless you sister...I appreciate that!

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