You know a long sermon is coming when...


meoutdoorpreachfun I was going to write a serious (seriously, I was) post tonight but I decided to re-post one of my famous Top Ten Lists...hopefully it will bring a chuckle or two to your face...which I pretty sure, needs one.

You know a long sermon is coming when...

1. You’re asked to bring a covered dish to share during the sermon.

2. There are coffee pots on the communion table.

3. All the clocks in the sanctuary are missing and you’re asked to surrender 
    watches at the door.

4. The ushers hand out snacks and cold drinks during the sermon.

5. The sermon notes are carried in by seven ushers.

6. An ambulance crew is standing by.

7. The pastor is hooked up to an intravenous coffee line.

8. The ushers ask if you’ll need overnight accommodations and a wake up call.

9. Your kids ask if it’s still Sunday.

10. The bulletin announces that the longer the sermon goes the more frequent
      flier miles you’ll earn.

God Bless!


danblackonleadership said…
Great list, I really liked number 3 and 7.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Dan...appreciate it!
Joanne Norton said…
One of the common experiences I have reading some of your posts... especially the humorous ones ... is lots of eye rolling.  Glad I could catch my eyes this time before they hit the floor. 
Jay Cookingham said… have Holy Roller eyes!
Joanne Norton said…
You are so funny!!!!!!!!!!!  I do appreciate you categorying my questionable facial expressions, however.
jasonS said…
Love it! I've been in a few marathon sermons. Some of them felt like no time had passed and others felt double. All depends on the anointing I suppose. :) Thanks Jay. I needed a smile and you came through!
Jay Cookingham said…
I remember (when I first started) that there was never enough time to deliver a sermon...thankfully I don't have to hand out energy drinks before I preach now! Thanks Jason!

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