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Many of you know about my ministry called Strategic Fathering (you can go to to find out more). Well, this ministry took a different turn than expected today. While I was at my desk working, Becky my 9 year old daughter came into the room and asked me how to spell "STRATEGIC". Thinking nothing of it, I told her and she was gone in a flash. Later on she handed my wife and I a very colorful, hand drawn flyer...this is what it said.

Strategic Sistering

1. Love your sister

2. Love God

3. Be happy

4. Play with a angel (She is studying Hebrews 13:2 right now." Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.")

5. Play with your sister

6. Share happiness

This is how to be a little sister.

So, there's a old saying that more is caught than taught...I think my daughter has caught something and I'm a very happy daddy right now. Thank you Father God for making me a dad!

What do you think? Is more caught than taught? How valuable is our example to our kids? I would love your feedback!

Blessings, Jay

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Sarah Cookingham said…
That is awesome! Way to go little sister :)
Jay Cookingham said…
I have the best daughters in the world!
Ssileno said…
There is nothing better than watching our children mirror behavior that God has worked on in us. By us being willing to let God stretch us and change us we are allowing our children this amazing opportunity to see us as a work in progress; while giving God all the glory. Giving them the ability to learn how to grow, change, make mistakes and suceed in an loving enviroment. I remember how God taught me to seek forgivness from my children and how I knew God was calling me to do that for a bigger purpose, but never fully

understanding the depth of what was going on until the day I overheard my son, without prompting, ask  his sister to forgive him and she in turn saying "of course. I always will." What a blessing it is to see how God uses us as His vessel when we allow Him to. "You define who is wise and understanding among us: The one who shows it by his good life, by deeds done in humility that comes from wisdom" James 3:13
bill (cycleguy) said…
There is no doubt in my mind it more caught than taught.  I think you are prejudiced when it comes to the best daughters.  You may outnumber me (5 to 2...or however many you have) but mine are the best.  Just the facts.  :)
Michael said…
What is teaching but the use of all God has given us to impart good things to those around us? To be sure, the example of our lives is one of the more powerful of the communicators of learning. Children have a hypersensitivity to hypocrisy and it does little good for us to be found having irreconcilable differences between the conversation of our lips and that of our lives.

I'd say you've passed the hypocrisy test. Well done, father Jay!
Gary said…
Now THAT  was a worthy read.  I immediately translated Becky's story in my mind's eye to recently watching Matt and Cari's six follow dad and mom's model.  Assuring to know that the lifetime journey of following Christ up close begins with such teeny steps as they walk in our steps, then His.
Jay Cookingham said…
It is a huge blessing when we see our children "follow" the way of the Master on their own...what a encouragement to stay on mission as well. Thanks Gary!
Jay Cookingham said…
I hope to past that test daily bro'...I so desire that my kids see the genuineness of my faith display in everything I do...not just what I talk about. Thanks Michael!
Jay Cookingham said…
Bill, I love the fact that you think your daughters are the best...that is how it should be! Fathers should delight in their children and I can tell you do! Bless ya bro'
Jay Cookingham said…
One of the greatest superpowers a parent has is the ability to humble themselves and ask forgiveness. The fruit displayed in your children's life is a reflection of that...I know you and Andy are committed to your kids...the Father loves that about you! Thanks Suzanne!
Hazel Moon said…
This was precious - usually it is the BIG sister who is assigned to be the nice sister, but I loved your LITTLE sister knowing how she could show love to her big sister.
Jay Cookingham said…
My oldest is 21 and Becky is nine but they are really close and love each other deeply. Thanks for your kind words!
Eddy Damas said…
I wish I had some daughters. This post made my night. Thanks Jay! And thank your daughters for me. :)
Jay Cookingham said…
God really blessed me when he gave me my children and daughters are so wonderful. I will thank them Eddy...God bless ya!
Dusty Rayburn said…
What a moment and a blessing!

Keep on!

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