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Well, it must be guest post season here at Soulfari! This time it’s my oldest daughter Sarah returning with a poem…with a twist. My daughter is taking after her warrior poet Dad and I think she is extremely talented (of course), so read and enjoy! (BTW, You can read her first guest post Mission Possible here)



A Life or Death Question:

Waiting, longing, hoping, and needing

Oh, when will it be for me?

Begging, entreating, moaning and pleading

What is my answer to be?

Groveling, sighing, practically dying

Still she is unmoved by me

Grousing, beseeching, basically screeching

Mom, can I have a cookie?!!!






By Sarah Cookingham © 2012

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Hazel Moon said…
Oh how sweet and loved the surprize ending!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks, I did too! Bless ya!
Joanne Norton said…
I chuckled significantly.... still am.  [And, if it is chocolate chip cookies, I could be saying and doing the same things!]
Michael said…
Good stuff, Sarah! And good artwork to help bring the longing to life. Nothing like unmasked desire of the right sort. Keep it coming!
jasonS said…
That's awesome! And I couldn't help but spiritualize it a little. :) I think about how God must feel when we ask some of our 'life or death questions' --too funny! Thanks Sarah.
Sarah Cookingham said…
Thank you Jason! God gave me the inspiration for the poem, and I am glad you took it to another level! Everything He says to us is full of life!
Be blessed bro!
Sarah Cookingham said…
Thank you Michael! I appreciate your post! My Dad was the genius behind the artwork...he is so good at that! :)
Sarah Cookingham said…
I know just what you mean Joanne! My Mom makes great chocolate chip cookies ;)
Thank you and God bless you!
Sarah Cookingham said…
Thank you so much! I was hoping to surprise everyone! :)
S. Etole said…
Oh, please!!!! Neat poem to go with your photos.
Sarah Cookingham said…
Thank you very much! My Dad is responsible for the photos! Great right? He is so talented!!!

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