Lost in Translation

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I don’t usually rant…at least online. Many of you know my beliefs, my passion for marriage and for family. If you have read my posts or listen to my talks, you know my heart is for us to be the people God has asked us to be.

I like Mike Huckabee and I like chicken sandwiches…OK? All disclaimers are in place…I hope.

So the Church’s response to the attack on God’s definition of marriage was…

…Appreciation Day?


Sorry…I don’t want to stand in line for a chicken snack to prove anything, much less that I’m a Christian. I do want to stand for what is right by the way I live my life, not buying something from the value menu. It has to be more than that doesn’t it? Couldn’t we be mobilized to do something greater…to be someone greater?

I have no issue with Christian supporting Christian business, in fact I encourage it. But what message did we send?…what fruit did we produce?…what lives were changed? Did supporting a franchise prove the following Scripture?

“And then he told them, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15

I wonder…but I don’t think that’s the “going into all the world” Jesus was talking about.

If the Church wants to be the light, it has to be more than gimmicks, more than flexing consumer muscle…it has to live out the Father’s truth.

I could be wrong…maybe it’s just lost in translation.

Rant over…more prayer coming…

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jasonS said…
There are certainly passionate people on both sides of the issue. Some of the pressure reminds me of those Christian email chains or posts on Facebook that say "If you're really a Christian and not ashamed" then do this or that. You're right, we prove with our lives. The best way to defend marriage is to see people set free and brought into God's family. Until the whole world knows and loves Him, we are spinning our wheels in a lot of ways. As for me, we don't have Chick-Fil-A in Juneau so I didn't feel the pressure, but it is interesting to watch it all unfold.
Jay Cookingham said…
While I don't begruge anyone from supporting...I just thought it was more of a American response than a Christian one. What if all those thousands went and voluteered somewhere for the day...that could be a difference maker in someone's life. Thanks Jason for weighing in.
Bill (cycleguy) said…
Well said Jay. If I eat CFA it is because I like it not because I am supporting the support. :) You hit on it though. How many lives were changed? How many gays did we try to reach? Can we rant together?
Bill (cycleguy) said…
Posting again because Disqus keeps messing with things.
Jay Cookingham said…
Yes bro' we can! I don't like to rant but I think we (the Church) missed it on this. I know some will be mad at me and that's OK, I understand. The world is challenging our stance on the Bibical view of marriage and this is the best we can come up with? Oooops...sorry...ranting again. Thanks Bill for understanding my heart.
floyd said…
I hear you brother, but... Here it comes, can you feel it?

Most of the main stream conservatives and Christians are acting out of frustration. I think it could be more a sign of the majority of the country standing up for our freedom of speech more than anything else. It feels more like a political statement against the main stream media that attacks and tries to brow beat into submission anyone who voices a moral view or agenda that doesn't match theirs, than it is a purely Christian uprising.

I'm sure there were some of both, but I don't think it was purely the church... but I hear you and understand the actions we are called to.
Jay Cookingham said…
Amen Floyd...I do agree with what you said, I do see it as a sign of frustration. And maybe attaching it to a Church response is not entirely accurate BUT....That is how the opposite side sees it as a Christian response, not as simply a political one. Anyways, I'm sure that I don't see it all clearly...but I want to see it as He would want me to. Thanks Bro'!
Michael Kimball said…
I've read the various comments so far with interest. They've encouraged me, too.

One of the challenges we face in today's world is how to interpret the stories that come our way against those that don't.

On the one hand, the media loves to sensationalize and bring to the attention of the masses such so-called culture war events as the CFA story. And if that were all there was to the collective response of Christ's church we might have reason to be troubled.

But I don't think it is.

The full response of the body of Christ is made up of the words of the lips and actions of the limbs of countless sons of the living God spread across the globe who are engaged in a wide array of Christ-like responses to those captured in the slavery of homosexuality. The problem is, they are individually represented and therefore too small a sample to make it to the CNN's of the world.

Your point is well taken, Jay. But be greatly encouraged. YOU are part of the church's response and your clarion horn of the love of God for every man and woman cries out clearly in every post!
Jay Cookingham said…
I don't want to be judgemental against my brothers and sisters...I really don't. But sometimes (me included) I think we like being more "American" than being His. That we love our rights more than we love Him...that's when my heart breaks.

Thanks for you words of encouragement bro'...I appreciate them.
Joanne Norton said…
I have a personal opinion. [WHO, ME???] We simply live in a very intense and distressful time. Could be headed for real trouble, no matter what or how we approach a social or cultural heavy-duty situation. I ain't happy about a lot of it. But I know the Lord will lead us, draw us, and encourage us. We follow Him... that's all that counts. For eternity.
Jay Cookingham said…
And we need Him to leads us don't we? Thanks Joanne!

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