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Since August 1st, on the Sound of Life radio network, a daily two minute spot, geared towards encouraging men, called ManUp Moment has aired. Yours truly is the host of that small program…God has blessed me with a huge opportunity and I am grateful. I realized that many of you will not be able to hear them (although you can listen on line) so I thought I shared a sample of what the program is like. I would appreciate your feedback so drop me a comment please!

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floyd said…
Great stuff! I love that quote by Albert Einstein, I've never heard it before. Love your passion and heart, Jay. I'm praying for your ministry, may God use you in mighty ways.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Dan...appreciate that!
jasonS said…
Awesome! That's so great, Jay. Wonderful message.
Jay Cookingham said…
Jason I appreciate that, bless ya!

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