Mary Sings


A repost of a poem I wrote a few years back. This simple verse is my attempt at capturing the power and the simplicity of the moment right after Mary’s hears the Good News. Blessings, Jay

mary Mary Sings

Angel words stir
a devoted heart

Accepting the revelation

Rejoicing with Heaven

A song magnifies
a kingdom’s glory

A young woman
becomes a young mother

The embodiment of
the Father’s intent

Born to her
Sent for us

Emmanuel has come

In her heart
Mary sings

Jay Cookingham 12/5/02 © Tags: ,,


David Rupert said…
Beautiful JC. Really touching
jasonS said…
Beautiful poem, Jay. She said "yes" to God and her Emmanuel became ours. Amazing.
TCAvey said…
short and powerful!

I've been thinking alot about Mary lately...she was amazing! I couldn't have been her.
Jay Cookingham said…
She was a amazing woman for sure. Thanks TC!
Jay Cookingham said…
What a great example she was...thanks Jason!
TCAvey said…
More than amazing. I can't wrap my head around her selflessness. I just don't think I could have let my baby (even if he was a grown man) go through that. I can't imagine her pain or her relationship with God. She had such's inspiring. She's my hero.
Jay Cookingham said…
She was brave, unselfish and had a heart like no other...I am in awe of her devotion.
Michael said…
floyd said…
Awesome, Jay. Beauty in simplicity. Supernatural in story. Blessed in Truth.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Floyd...her example moves me!
Eddy Damas said…
Ah! To be just like Mary, what a blessing that would be!
Wait...well, maybe not just like Mary, but pretty close...
Jay Cookingham said…
LOL Eddy! How about a heart like Mary?

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