sol front banner I was recently interviewed by my close friend Tom Zahradnik for the Sound of Life radio network. We sat down to talk about my past, forgiving my father and serving together on the board of directors for the Sound of Life.You can listen today to more of my story on the Heart2Heart Podcast... HERE.

H2H_logoHeart 2 Heart is hosted by Tom Michaels Zahradnik, CEO of the Sound of Life. The purpose of this podcast is to share stories of real people dealing with Real Life and Real Change. If you're looking for some great Christian music to listen to, you can listen online or download a free app to listen on the go.


Tom and his wife Cathleen are founders of Rubicon Ministries, their passion is "Helping People Build God-centered Lives Founded on Biblical Truth." And they're really great people, so go check out their site!


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floyd said…
I'll check it out! Mr. Radio Voice! Thanks for your heart of serving, Jay.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Bro'! You know what they say tho'. Video killed the radio star! LOL!
jasonS said…
Awesome, Jay! Can't wait to listen. :)
floyd said…
Ahhh... The Boggles... The first song ever played on MTV... back when it actually played music... Why am I not surprised that we're on the same page?
Jay Cookingham said…
Too scary my friend!

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