My New Book

Introducing "Sonship: Restoring a Man's Identity"

Excited to offer my new devotional book! This devotional book is a 31-day leg of a lifetime journey. Sonship is a lifelong pursuit, with everyday growth spurts of becoming like Jesus. These devotions are a series of reflections from journals and discussions with brothers over the years. I hope they inspire you on your journey with Jesus, our Master, Messiah and King. I pray that as your learn about sonship you discover the love your Father in Heaven has for you. How He designed sonship to set you free to come out from behind the mask and live the life you were born for. Sonship continues to be God’s best strategy to rescue our identity.

Father God did not battle for our hearts to turn us into slaves or worker drones. He didn’t leave us as orphans; He sent Jesus to redeem us and made it possible to have a deep relationship with Him. Jesus shows us how it’s done, what sonship looks like and how to stay unmasked for life.

For His glory! - Jay

Endorsements for Sonship Devotional
"Jay’s strong heart for God and others is clearly apparent in this devotional. His discerning insight fortifies these reflections to be provocative and challenging. These devotions pulled on my heart strings and convicted me to seek a deeper commitment to God’s mission. I thoroughly enjoyed how I was stirred to look at life through a Kingdom-focused lens. This is a must read for every man!"
- Damon Hawkins
Area Director for Man in the Mirror

“Jay Cookingham’s devotional book “Sonship,” is a transformational book forged out of the fiery battles that Jay personally experienced, and the victorious kingdom lifestyle he stepped into as a son because of encountering Father God’s extravagant love. In my opinion, Jay’s book is not just a devotional book but a prophetic book that calls on men to contend for their identity, discover the secret of sonship and manifest their sonship.  I highly recommend this book to any man who wants to live unashamedly as a true follower of Jesus Christ, especially in a world desperately in need of authentic men who are godly examples of Christ-likeness.”
-Eric N. Supen
Author of several books including Kingdom Lifestyle, Kingdom-Driven Prayers-Prayer Works! Trainer and Life Coach, Germany,

“There are any number of devotionals in print and I’m sure many of them are great.  The reason I’m recommending this one is, not only for its wonderful encouragement and great insight, but because of the author.  I have known Jay Cookingham for more than 40 years. He is a friend and a brother who has walked with me through ups and downs, tears and a lot of laughter.  The words and insights in this devotional come from a man who has been an example and mentor to many.  It’s because of his heart, experiences and humility that the words bring life.”
- Paul Grimsland
Program Director, Hope4Change-Philippines

Sonship: Restoring a Man’s Identity is a motivating daily devotional for those seeking a deeper walk with Jesus. Cookingham challenges men to drop the act and get honest with ourselves, family, friends, and community. This devotional is a call to repentance, prayer, and commitment to our position as sons of God. It's packed with servant leadership principles you can use in your role at work, as husband, father, or ministry leader. If you are looking for a devotional that will to refresh your relationship with Jesus, look no further.”
Duane K. Brown
University Adjunct Professor  

“Every male needs a male! This devotional book is impactful and intentional, to the end that we as males continue to grow as mature Christian men! I highly recommend this book and applaud this author, my friend Pastor Jay Cookingham!”
Pastor Edwrin Sutton
Husband, Pastor, Author of Purpose Unleashed


Bill (cycleguy) said…
Hey Jay! Have it in my Amazon cart. Will order it when I have a few more books to order. Well done! Looking forward to reading it
Unknown said…
Thanks my brother, God bless!

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