19 Years Ago

It was a sunny cold fall day and my life changed radically. 6:32 in the morning she decided to come into my life and basically ruin me (in a good way) for life. My daughter Sarah has ruined me for ordinary moments for there has been none with her. I was already a young father, her older brother Joshua born just 15 months prior, had already changed the man I was. This was different…I now have a daughter! Could a man like me raise a daughter? Will she even like me? It was too late, I was smitten and all I could do was love her.

Sarah’s wonderful gift of herself was deposited into my life to make me a better father. I became a gentler version of what I thought I should be, she helped me become more like Jesus. In her I sense the strength of her mom mingled with the stubbornness of her dad, all soften by her quiet spirit. Yet, it’s her love for life that I admire, her expression of worship towards her Father God that brings me to tears (even now as I'm writing this).

Her life is a dance, a wonderful blend of emotions, giftedness and love and I have blessed to see her spin every day.

Happy Birthday Princess!


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