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As many of you know, I took last week off to spend time in prayer and reflection. What many of you don’t know is the “why” of that decision; perhaps my journal entry from a few days before will shed some light on that. In it I wrote…

Where I’m at…

I’m agitated, disturbed.

By the lack of character I sometimes exhibit.

By decisions “half decided”.

By demands.

My wife and I took “reflection turns” during this week (she needed this as well as I did). When my turn came on Tuesday, I went to the Hudson River and on a somewhat secluded bluff I asked God this question.

Father…what’s wrong with me?

Almost instantly He answered…

Nothing…stop thinking there is something wrong with you.

That’s when my heart started to heal and these thoughts followed.

Stop thinking there is something wrong with you; this inward process produces no life. Instead, allow the Holy Spirit to reveal things that need growth and maturing. Look outward and upward on Christ…allow Him to lead the way.

After musing on this thought I felt lead to the book of Job and found this beautiful nugget.

“For he will complete what he appoints for me, and many such things are in his mind.” Job 23:14 ESV

I needed some moving on mojo and this encounter with my Father would get that brain in my thick skull thinking right again. In my heart I held an argument against God (much like Job) and revealed my heart was (much like Yoda). Yet, I received comfort from this verse and I laid down all my arguments. God’s purpose for me will be accomplished…many are His thoughts towards me.

In the posts ahead I plan on revealing more of what God taught me during my reflection time. Today I would like to encourage you with this…

There is nothing wrong with you.

He does not make mistakes…He makes sons and daughters.

You belong to Him. He thinks highly of you…He delights in you and  many such things are in his mind.

Blessings, Jay


Joanne Norton said…
So true.  I tend to be too perfectionistic aimed at myself ... and the Lord kindly lets me know He will tell me when I need to be corrected and I don't have to constantly battle between me and me.  Nice Father, huh?
Jay Cookingham said…
The Father loves reminding His children of His great love doesn't he?

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