A Leap of Faith


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For the past two Sunday’s at BBCC I've shared on “A Leap of Faith: Where Fear and Faith Collide”. The subject of faith is a lifelong study I believe…one that continues to become clearer as we walk closer to our Messiah.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • When we think of the word collide, words like….crash, violent, conflict, pain come to mind. A collision will shape you or misshape you…possibly both. No doubt, you will feel the impact and be changed. Our response to a collision between faith and fear can reveal our heart…our fault lines and our view of Father God. That revelation can free us or freeze us.
  • I believe this because faith and fear both require a choice, a buy in into the power of each. The question is what we will choose to believe? Faith helps us stick the landing…the other sticks it to us.
  • In the collision between faith and fear…faith steps out and lands on God. Faith is active…it pursues the Father’s heart and plan with fierce loyalty. It sees the path and it hears the Master’s voice saying this is the way and it leaps, confident it’s landing just where God wants it to.
  • Having faith does not mean you have no fear….It means you deal with fear with the truth of who God is. You surrender to God, not the fear.
  • God is faith, just like He is love…faithfulness that encourages us to be the same .
  • Faith is not based on what God might do... It based on who he is!

The two sermons include physics, Impalas, Jonathan and his armor bearer and much more! If you would like to hear more, listen here

God bless you all!


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Martha Orlando said…
Oh, yes, Jay! "Faith is not based on what God might do . . . it is based on who he is!" He is the same, unchanging, immutable, promise-keeping, loving-beyond-measure Father. When we have faith in that, fear losses its hold upon us.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Jay Cookingham said…
Preach it Martha! Thanks for sharing your thoughts....God Bless!
Michael Kimball said…
Excellent points, Jay. Really good stuff!
jasonS said…
Great reminders, Jay! I particularly like, "fear and faith both require a choice" and "faith is not based on what God might do, it's based on who He is!" Great encouragement. Thank you. :)
Jay Cookingham said…
Always love to be encouraging... Thanks Jason, bless you!
Joanne Norton said…
All I can trust on, all I can rely on, all I can count on is HIM!! I could tell you so much/too much of what I perceive in our world and how hard it is for me to just relax and be filled with rejoicing. I look forward to Him moment-by-moment, day-by-day... and in Heaven!!! Can hardly wait to truly see Him! You shared beautifully as usual. Thanks, Bro.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Sista! We all need more of that relaxing thang!

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