Saturday Evening Re-Post – Jay’s Marriage Proverbs


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Posted this earlier in the year, felt like a good time to post again.  Also check out the video below…

1. That shall flirt with they wife continuously.

2. That shall kiss thy wife all the days of her life.

3. Sweet shall be your name calling lest thee be smitten by a broom.

4. If you fighteth, forgiveth quickly for better will the makeup be.

5. Forbade not thy hugging, for it leadeth to much pleasure.

6. Snuggle tight often, for it is harder to fight that way.

7. Loveth the wife of your youth or homeless you may be.

And something a little more serious…this is for my wife who is the love of my life! I love you Christine!


Have a great weekend everyone! Blessings, Jay


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Setole said…
it's no wonder the two of you look so happy in your picture ...
Jay Cookingham said…
We are! Marriage is the best thing ever! Of course I got the better deal!
jasonS said…
Great ones, Jay! Thanks.

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