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"It was beyond my wildest dreams to become a military pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps at the young age of 18, serving my country in 'The Greatest Generation' of WWII in North Africa."
- Don Volk


Over the summer I had the pleasure of reading “Tractors, Planes, Golf and Dames” a book about Don Volk a man with quite a story. The good folks over at Five Star Publications contacting me about reviewing Don’s book and I’m so glad they did.

Don’s journey through life is a wonderful story to visit through the pages of his book. From growing up on a farm in the countryside of Utah to serving his country through three wars (WWII, Korea and Vietnam), he has a great story to tell. Add a post military career with the Professional Golf Association and the story takes on another interesting twist.

However, it was the love story woven through both of those legs of his journey that captured my attention. He shares the passion and the compassion that developed through his marriage (and His wife’s illness) with openness and dignity.

Don’s autobiography captures his incredible journey through life and offers up a tale that can inspire and teach us all.

Jay Cookingham


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Gary said…
Hey, old pal, I'm easing back into the morass called the Net.  One foot on the platform, though, in case I have to jump  to safety again.  Most of my time is helping Matt start Deep Rivers Family Ranch, but the book still beckons.  Your advocacy of Volk, reminds me I have another book to write with my wife, a memoir.
Jay Cookingham said…
Hey Bro'....been praying for the ranch, the cause and your latest grandchild. That memoir I would love to read Gary!

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