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This poem is submitted as part of the Warrior Poet Circle hosted by Jason Stasyszen of Connecting to Impact. Click here (or the logo) to read some mighty fine poetry! Joy is such a marvelous gift from our Father and as I mused about that, I quickly wrote this down as it flowed out my spirit this afternoon…hope it blesses ya!

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Joy Is

Joy is sunlight dancing across my soul
Giving breath to my spirit

Joy is the surround sound of completeness
Settling the anxiousness of my heart

Joy is the duplication of laughter
Pushing the deep sorrow from my bones

Joy is the fuel of fellowship
Igniting the freedom of who I am

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S. Etole said…
It's no wonder the joy of the Lord is our strength!
Jay Cookingham said…
Amen Susan...His joy give us strength!
jasonS said…
I love the 'feel' of your painting joy as surround sound. Awesome! I was reminded of those '5' gum commercials where it shows different sensory experiences. Joy has it all beaten! Thanks for joining, Jay. You lifted my spirits. :)
Joanne Norton said…
Love it!  So thoughtful and so very accurate.  Among other things have to admit that laughing is a huge healer for me.  Thanks.
Jay Cookingham said…
Laughter is such a healing force...combine it with joy and WOW...such freedom! Thanks Joanne!
Jay Cookingham said…
I thank you for hosting such a cool idea...awaking the warrior poet also brings joy! Bless ya Jason!

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