"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands." - Psalm 143:5

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My First Post

Jay has asked me many times to submit a guest post, and although I've been tempted to express my opinion  on a variety of issues, some significant, others trivial, today I finally have something to say.
My dearest friend, my big brother in the Lord, my love for life, my prince and hero- I am so grateful that you were born! Your very life testifies to the goodness and faithfulness of God. Born in poverty{not quite a stable},during fearful and violent times, born to a carpenter, yourself possessing the initials JC- how often have we commented on the similarities in your life to your Savior Jesus? Over the thirty three years that I have known you , I see each year you've become more and more like your precious Savior and Heavenly Father.From the beginning a visionary with the purpose and focus of love. Setting our marriage and my life on the secure rock of "Nothing is more important than loving each other".Unshakable on that issue, so faithful, so like the Father. An artist- seeing wonder and beauty everywhere. A master storyteller- don't get me started on that one. A writer, a dreamer, a coach, an encourager,a  funny punmaster,delightful friend.You look more and more like Jesus and I fall deeper and deeper in love with you each day. Truly, you are the kindest man I have ever met on earth and you help me to know the goodness of God more deeply. I am so glad you were born, and so thankful you chose me to be your bride and go on this adventure called life.Happy Birthday Beloved!
Love always,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Patchwork Hero



patchwork copy Back in my Jesus freak days (my early 20’s) I was a sight to behold, particularly my wardrobe. I had a pair of jeans that were mostly a network of patches, imagine Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat, but in pant form. I worn them with a bandana tied (don’t ask why, I just did) just below my right knee, perhaps a symbol of my own particular outlook on life.

I loved those pants…I still missed them

In many ways, those pants defined me and not just because they were skin tight. My life was (and still is) a patchwork of life experiences. I remember wearing them to church one Sunday and being chastised by an Elder for disgracing God’s presence by not wearing a suit and tie. When I reminded him that Jesus worn neither, he got angry and called me a clown.

And so I am

For years I danced around who I was, afraid to just be Jay, thankfully I left that dance floor years ago. I am a patchwork, a collection, an anthology of the life changing message of Jesus Christ. Who the Father is making me into is stands in complete opposition to what the world would like me to be. I refuse to be domesticated, tamed by a world system that devalues and destroys life. God is using my life collage to send a message counter to that system. That message pulls on my heart, urging me on, making me accept a truth about my life.

I am a patchwork hero

My hero persona is more akin to a rodeo clown, standing in the way of the bull threatening to trample a fallen cowboy. My pants may be funny looking, not up to standards, but they get the job done. My patchwork story tells a remarkable and powerful tale. It chronicles God’s redemptive work in my life, a life redeemed to make a difference, even when it looks foolish to do so.

“Our dedication to Christ makes us look like fools…” says the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:10.

You know…I’m OK with that. How about you?


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