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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nobel No-bility

nob-1 copy It seems I needed a dose of my own medicine today. I woke up feeling sorry for myself (the story of why is not important). Early today I read some of my manuscript for RETOOLED (you can read a free chapter here) which is in the hands of another publisher bent on torturing me with a response. Anyway, I was reading a section on losing heart and felt strongly that I should share this with you all today...I hope it encourages you. – Jay

"True nobility is exempt from fear."
- (King Henry the Sixth, Part II Act IV, Scene I)

I love the movie Braveheart and it once spoke to me about nobility (Don’t judge me now). In my opinion the movie is a powerful metaphor for spiritual warfare. You have William Wallace leading the everyday folk in revolt against England, fighting for their freedom. Then you have Robert the Bruce, the leader of the Scottish Noblemen feeling the tug of joining the fight or staying the course of entitlement. His father (dying of leprosy) keeps whispering in his ear to bide his time, to wait for the right time to “rise up” but in reality is keeping his son from becoming a great leader.

Seeing this movie makes me think how much passivity makes us like Robert the Bruce. We get all inspired by a leader and want to run off and join a cause. BUT something reminds us of our holdings, the land and comfort we possess. We begin to believe the lie that the enemy is too strong and it’s not the right time for to be so bold. We think that if we’re patient, if we bide our time, then we can overthrow the enemy in our lives. The truth is that the waiting, the laying back, lulls us to inactivity and eventually spiritual slaughter. All we thought we possessed has actually fallen into enemy hands. We don’t realize how “occupied” we have become. It is worse than the disease that was wasting his father’s flesh; it’s the decay of true nobleness.

In the movie, the possibility of having their own freedom didn’t motivate the “nobles”. It meant risking losing what they already had. Contrast that to this Scripture in the book of Isaiah:

“But the noble thinks noble things; and by noble things he shall stand.” Isaiah 32:8

A noble heart is a willing and active heart, not one bound to passivity. It rises, willing to stand for what is right. Staying the course, and surrender to His will are some of the trademarks of a noble man. On the trail of obedience sons reflect their Father’s character, giving hope and marking the trail for those who follow. How do we give hope? By courageously coming alongside someone when they’re in need. By allowing someone’s voice to be heard when no one wants to listen. We mark the trail of hope by believing in someone when no one else will, everything the father’s does for us!

Nobility is indeed a positional marker of who we are in Christ but it is also an action. Your No-bility, is the power to say no to lesser things and yes to Kingdom things. That’s the inner strength needed in the daily fight for your heart. We need to be noble men, if there is a war for you heart; your wife’s and children’s heart are also on the hit list.

We bow our knees to only one KING…let’s make today matter. Lets be noble men, boldly fighting for His kingdom.

What about you…how’s your No-bility today? How can I pray for you?

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