"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands." - Psalm 143:5

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Graceland (No, it’s not in Memphis)




“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” Philippians 1:21

There is a place, a land of no shadows, where one sees every corner of redemption’s power. When you walk here, you walk in freedom. Every hindrance is removed, bondage wiped out and captivity destroyed. Like I said…freedom…unlike any felt before. Pain has no hold here, not just free of pain but no memory of pain, no remembrance of its grip. Unspeakable joy fills hearts; all surpassing peace swallows up grief, fear and doubt.

This is ultimate healing…this is Graceland.

This is where Jim Breden is walking tonight. As I’m writing he’s experiencing the greatest freedom he’s ever known. He is face-to-face with His Messiah and nose-to-nose with eternity’s promise. My father-in-law passed away October 1, 2012 around 11:30 pm, he was surrounded by family and he left this world peacefully.

A proud Navy veteran, volunteer fireman, Sunday school teacher, husband, father and grandfather…Jim filled his life with…life. He engaged in acts of service as if life depended on it and he was right. Everyday life is dependant on those individuals willing to give of themselves, my wife’s Dad was one of those people. He was also a character, in my mind he was a mixture of James Dean, John Wayne and Popeye…always pulling out a reserve of strength with style and swagger to get a job done. He was every bit of a one of a kind.

I’m so sad that my wife lost her father; I’m sad that he died from a horrible disease and couldn’t finish his race with his body strong and vibrant. Yet the person I saw lying in the Hospice ward of the VA hospital was not the man I will choose to remember. His legacy is much stronger than that.

I remember the night when I went to ask his blessing to marry his daughter Christine and how nervous I was. Every time I worked up the courage to ask, he seemed to know and would leave the room, making me sweat while waiting for him to return. Finally, with much laughter, he came back into the room and gave me his blessing.

Now, it’s his turn…

I’m the one laughing…with joy. For just a few hours ago…Pop walked into his Father’s presence and got His blessing for a job well done. That’s one of the perks of living in Graceland.


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