Did He Know?


Did he know that everybody in his home town would never look at him the same way again?

Did he know he would be read about for centuries, marked by a few entries in an ancient text?

Did he know, I mean REALLY know, that the Messiah was now in his rough and callous carpenter hands?

Did he know the magnitude of the mission given to him, the responsibility that was handed over to him?

In a small town called Bethlehem Joseph becomes a first time dad; that is a world shaker all on its own. This night he is holding the baby who was sent for him, for his and the world’s salvation. That shakes his world on a whole different level…and ours as well.

Christmas night is a night for God to show how He operates. The love He has
for His creation is channeled through ordinary people like you and I. The
question is…

Do WE know?

Do we know that we have seen a great light?

Do we REALLY know that Messiah has come…for us?

Do we know that He has changed us…for centuries (and beyond) to come?

Do we know that people in our home town will never look at us the same way again?

Do we know the magnitude of the mission given to us?

Do we know the magnitude of the gift…freely given to us?

I imagine Joseph asking and pondering over similar questions…probably many, many more. It is that pondering that intrigues me and in some way, encourages me. My story has been forever impacted by God’s invasion of love…so has yours.

Do you know?

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Jay Cookingham said…
Thank you Jay...sounds like I'm thanking myself! Bless ya bro'
SandraHeskaKing said…
I wish I could imagine what it would have been like to hold a baby Messiah.

Overwhelming thought.

And some powerful ponderings here.
Jay Cookingham said…
It is overwhelming, I agree Sandra...but so wonderful also! Thanks!
Dusty Rayburn said…
Love the twist on "Mary Did You Know" ...whether it was intentional or not. More thank likely Joseph did not understand all it meant...just as we do not understand what all we will experience from following God's direction on our lives.

As to the magnitude of the gift... it is overwhelming me.
Jay Cookingham said…
Yep, it was intentional. Joseph was a remarkable dude for sure...what a mind trip he had to figure out...whew! Thanks Dusty!

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