Bad Sheep Time – Lenten Humor 2


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This particular Bad Boy episode has been inspired by a close friend of mine, Dale Blue. Dale is a member of my Band of Brothers and a important part of my life. Our children and our wives share friendships, we have shared Skyline Chili, and countless other wonderful meals together. He called me up today just to tell me of a crazy pun he thought of…that I considerer a honor. Thanks Dale, I’m glad we’re friends!

bad sheep no 35

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Jay Cookingham said…
Michael...thanks bro'
Matt Cannon said…
That touched a place deep inside of me. Or I may just have gas. Whichever.
Jay Cookingham said…
Glad to be part of your "release" therapy bro' crack me up Matt!
windmillduke said…
Finally! But it took a friend to turn a barely noticeable grin to a genuine smile with a small chortle. I still like giving up lint for Lent.
Jay Cookingham said…'re a tough crowd! Bless ya!
Kennys dad said…
There's something fishy about that pun!
Jay Cookingham said…
You might be right on that one bro'...;-0

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