Elder (Life) Prayer

Tomorrow I step back into Eldership at my church, (Bridge Builders Community Church) and while I still covet your prayers, I want to share one with you. This is the prayer that the Father gave me this morning after reading Acts 17...the explanation for how it relates to the prayer will have to wait for another post. The role of elder is just another servant muscle for God to flex in and through me...that's a good thing.

I'm praying that the muscles that God is flexing in you will have maxium impact on your life and all you touch.

Blessings, Jay


I need you. Eldership is more than a position or title, it's an extension of your heart
through me to all your children. Express your love and delight through all I do in your name.

My King, I need you. I need your sovereign rule and reign in my life. When I bend my knee to you I am better gifted to serve. The spirit of humbleness I need is only found at your feet in worship.

My Savior, I need you. Without a Messiah I am lost, desperate for hope. This is the message and the prayer of my life...let your life live through mine.



Not only am I lost with Him, but I am nothing.
I meant to say without Him, but I'm so tired today. I wish I could figure out how to delete the previous comment. Please delete both of these and I'll be back soon!
Glynn Young said…
I'm praying for you,too, Jay. God knows what he's doing when he selects those he woudl have serve.
jasonS said…
Yes, in Jesus' name. Agreeing with you and echoing for myself as well. Blessings in His mighty name!
Jay Cookingham said…
I sooo appreciate that Jason, bless you bro'!
Jay Cookingham said…
Thank Glynn, that means so much to me...bless you!
bill (cycleguy) said…
Was gone all weekend jay so just got this.  Hope it went well.  What an amazing responsibility you have taken on with a heart that is genuine in service.  Oh, that all elders would take/have that same attitude.  That is also a good prayer for pastors to pray. 
Jay Cookingham said…
It went very well...may put some video of the service up soon. I appreciate your comments and thoughts bro'...they mean a lot to me. Thanks Bill!

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