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_225_350_Book.124.cover  My review of : Free Book By: Brian Tome
  Thomas Nelson / 2010 / Paperback





I am a fanatic about freedom. I'm tired of seeing people beaten down by the world's systems and by religion. God's offering real freedom. Get yours. ~ Brian Tome

Are you living a life of freedom? That's the question at the heart of pastor & author Brian Tome's latest, FREE BOOK. Tome’s book is a full-frontal attack on bondage—spiritual, physical—whatever is keeping people prisoners, he hates. I found the tone and pace a little unsettling at first, but as I read on I felt more at ease. Brian does hit hard on the things he does not like and for some that may seem arrogant and self righteous but I believe if you stay with the book you’ll find some helpful application. His thoughts are raw, humorous and…well, real.

This is not a book full of pastor-speak, in fact, much of might offend because it isn’t such. For all the rawness (which may seem overdone to some) I believe it’s straight from Tome’s heart and I found myself reading it like a Psalm of David (without the Scriptural authority of course). Brian’s passion for freedom is poured out on the pages of this book and sometimes that passion may get a little sloppy (like David’s)…but it’s real. Here is some of that passion.

"I am a fanatic about freedom. And I'm fanatical about coming at you hard in this book.

Maybe you're not as free as you think you are. Even worse, you may have been duped into believing that a "balanced" life is the key to happiness (it isn't) or that a relationship with God is about layering on rules and restrictions (nope).

Whether it’s media-fueled fear, something a parent or teacher said that you just can’t shake, or even the reality of dark spiritual forces bent on keeping you down, something is holding you back from the full-on freedom God intends for you.

The Bible says, "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." Not fear. Not guilt. Not morality. Freedom. You can have the sort of joy you thought only kids could have. The day of freedom is here.” Brian Tome

So for me it was a good, not great read…simply because I have experienced the personal freedom he mentions in his book and found nothing new to discover in its pages. For the burned-out Christian, this may be a helpful book to read and pray through…the sections on strongholds are very good. You may or may not like the honesty and the in your face mentality of FREE BOOK, but it might just push you hard enough to desire true freedom in Christ.


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jasonS said…
Hmmm, definitely sounds interesting. On another note, I may need to sign up for this program you're a part of. :)

Thanks Jay.
JC Dude said…

You should check Booksneeze out for sure...

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