Faithfully Yours

“His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.” Song of Solomon 5:16

“His words are kisses, his kisses words. Everything about him delights me, thrills me through and through! That's my lover, that's my man, dear Jerusalem sisters.”The Message Bible

I love that Scripture! Who wouldn’t love to hear his wife talk about him that faithfulway? Brothers, we need to “talk up” our marriage (and marriage in general). Speak well of its virtues, its power to complete and transform who we are. Making your marriage a priority displays faithfulness to your wife, your kids and anyone else who may be watching.

“Kindness and faithfulness keep a king safe, through kindness his throne is made secure.” Proverbs 20:28

That’s how we should secure our homes. Faithfully loving our brides like Christ loved the Church will keep our families safe and our marriages strong. To me faithfulness involves the “Wantability Factor.” Wantability (WA for short) is how I describe the mixture of the desire to obey the Father and the complete surrender to Him. Choice and decision wrapped together, that’s Wantability. Jesus had gallons of that stuff, sloshing around inside, spilling over and pouring out. With every step closer to the cross He changed lives.

Wanting to be, choosing to be, allowing the Lord to be all we need in our fathering, these are all the elements of Wantability. Together they form a commitment born straight from the heart of the Heavenly Father. To me, that’s the spirit of adoption, the willingness to give all unconditionally to point His children to Him. What I have discovered about fathering is just how far reaching WA is. Every WA immersion has tremendous ripple effects, not only in me but also in the lives of my family.

Father, your faithfulness is amazing, it overwhelms me. I desire to show that same faithfulness in my marriage and towards my children. Help me to choose that path to love and lead faithfully. – Amen


jasonS said…
This is great. Men are often very concerned with keeping their families and homes safe. We want to protect and make sure everything's secure. We can get so preoccupied with the material things and physical lives and forget that our home is founded on spiritual principles that can't be neglected either. Kindness and faithfulness... Wanting and choosing God over and over again. Wonderful.

Thanks Jay!
Glynn said…
It's a good and needed lesson for all of us, no matter our age, no matter how long we've been married. Thanks!
JC Dude said…'re right, it's so easy to do the (cough) manly thing and worry about the physical needs of our family over the spiritual needs. Thanks bro'
JC Dude said…
Glynn...I appreciate your comments and thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said…
Wantability... I like that! Great and practical thoughts, Jay. Thanks for sharing them with us.
JC Dude said…
Thanks Bridget, I really enjoyed the ride on

M.L. Gallagher said…
I love the idea that : "faithfulness involves the “Wantability Factor.”

Very cool and a really enjoyable read. Thanks!
JC Dude said…
Thanks for the kind comments, God Bless!

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