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Trying to make his a new feature of my blog…a Saturday collection of the posts that challenged me, encouraged me or made me laugh this week. I may include a previous post of my own from time to time but tonight is for those wonderful and talented bloggers out there. Blessings, Jay


Duane - Scribing the Journey
The nameless

Michael - Untitled
I will give up for you

Jason - Endless Impact
Let it Be Said

“Come As You Are” Culture

Karen - Flickers of a Faithful FireFly

Dusty - Reflections on the Life of a Christian

Sandra - Sandra Heska King
He Reigns

Glynn - Faith Fiction Friends
Two Gifts

Jonathan Pearson - {Un}Common
Watch your mouth

And know I leave you with this final thought!

"I would not have thought it possible... to love a Romulan." Worf

"But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44

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jasonS said…
Thank you, Jay! I choose to love my, enemies... too. :)
HisFireFly said…
I prefer those from Krypton.. but grasciously receive your kind mention!
Bill (cycleguy) said…
Thanks for the shout out Jay. But I must admit I am lost on the Romulans and Worf mention. :)
Jay Cookingham said…
Bill, you have to watch some Star Trek and boldly go where no man has gone before!
Jay Cookingham said…
Superman reads my blog religiously!
Bill (cycleguy) said…
Sorry Jay. Neither Star Trek nor any of its offspring have caught my fancy. Reckon I am a dork not a worf?
Jay Cookingham said…
Ahhh, we'll have to watch the Wrath of Khan together some day!
Dusty Rayburn said…
Thank you for the include! These are some awesome posts...

It's possible to love a Romulan and even a Klingon. Those arrogant Vulcan's are the tough ones. :) But yeah we gotta love them too.
Jay Cookingham said… true Bro' Live long and prosper dude!

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