"I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I muse on the work of thy hands." - Psalm 143:5

Monday, March 26, 2012

Refresher Course – My Voice



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The days I got to spend in solitude with my Messiah were so wonderful that they left me with a longing for more. (You can read part 1 here) I’m sorry that I lost all the wonderful comments on the last post but I’m glad it touched many of you.

This was a huge week for me.

I regained lost ground, I took back lost territory and I got fighting mad. I had to take down…no…destroy barriers that were keeping me from moving on…from being free. I confronted many ungodly beliefs and wrote down new Godly ones. One of them dealt with my voice, this is what I wrote to start with.

I believe nobody wants to hear what I have to say

I heard the Father ask me…

Why do you feel this way?

Because…I don’t believe in the voice you have given me

After a few moments of “silence” (my mind sure wasn’t) God said…

This is what I want you to believe now

I started writing….

My voice has weight; it has value because God has given it to me.

My voice has significance because of what God has taught me through my life experiences with Him.

I’m not to worry about how far my voice will carry (the echo factor) but I need to know it carries further than I can imagine.

Even IF nobody wants to hear my voice…God does.

I felt His delight in this and He led me to this verse in Proverbs.

“Everything in me will celebrate when you speak what is right.” Proverbs 23:16

The Father is celebrating your voice today. He has put a powerful voice deep in you, it is the sound of love, it’s the music of heaven and the cry to a lost world to come home…to Him. Stand up to all those who try to quiet your voice, remembering all the while that the Father gave you that voice.

Speak up…Speak what is right…can’t you hear the celebration?

Blessings, Jay


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