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I'm honored to guest blog over at my new friend and fellow blogger Thomas Mason's site, Living the Story. I ask that you head on over to read the rest of my story and get to know Thomas through his musings. I know you'll be blessed! You can go there by clicking NOW!

Choosing the Path of Forgiveness

I know all too well the effects of Arrested Development.  I grew up in an abusive home.  My dad’s cruelty was part of everyday life.  His words spewed unkindness and his voice always carried vile threats towards me.  His words and name-calling crushed my spirit.  For years the verbal abuse continued.  It stunted my emotional growth and I grew callous and hard.

That’s the arrested development part, and it held me as tight as any prison cell.
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Dan Black said…
Heading over to read the post right now. 
PatriciaSword said…
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