My Morning Prayer…for You

Just felt impressed to pray this for you all today. Also, listen to the song and pause long enough to hear the words…I love you…from the Father.

I pray that no matter where you are today you would believe, know
and feel the awesome love of the Father.

That every decision, every relational interaction, every thought
would be washed by His love first.

I pray that your steps would be secure and bold, your prayers directed
and full of faith and your joy be outrageously abundant.

May the Shalom of Christ comfort any sorrow or doubt, and may the
overwhelming, extravagant love of God drive fear from you.
This I pray in Jesus name for you...and me. Amen.


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S. Etole said…
I may print this and read it off and on through the day ... thank you for the blessing.
Unknown said…
S. Etole...I hope you are blessed throughout your day!

jasonS said…
Thank you for the prayer and a beautiful version of that song.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ...
Unknown said…
Jason...we need that grace don't we?

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