Tuesday's Totally Random Cookingham Lore

OK, I realize that you're not pacing the floor waiting for these little tidbits of Cookingham history. However, I'm at a lost for a post today so bear with me and "enjoy" the Lore behind the man.

(Disclaimer: I'm not saying I'm proud of any of these and most can be blamed on my friend Paul, which he'll deny of course)

19424tony-bennett-posters My friend Paul and I once embarrassed Tony Bennett in a diner in NYC because he stole our table (We sang I left my manners in San Francisco...really loud)



That same friend and I once played tennis at a exclusive and private tennis club in Florida. The girl at the gate asked if we were there to play tennis and we said yes...(of course we did) Many hours later she asked if we were members...I think the cutoff jeans shorts and tee shirts gave us away.

arrest-cuffs I have been arrested 3 times...in the pokey once. It was when I was involved with Operation Rescue protesting at abortions clinics...many years ago in my hippie days. All charges were dropped so I'm not really a ex-con and you can invite me over for dinner. Although I may block your door and not let anyone else in. (It's a protest joke) carwash-sign

I once drove through a carwash with the windows down...cleanest I've ever  been.


Paul (yes, him again) and I found an open gate to a back stage tank in Sea World and we got really up close and personal to Shamu...too close.


Finally, Family is huge to me...my son made this video to prove it.




jasonS said…
Sounds like some great adventures there! :)

That video was great too- I'd watch that movie.
Unknown said…
Thanks Jason....the movie was just a fun late night family fun...we're a wild and crazy creative bunch!


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