Something Squirrelly This Way Comes









It’s time for Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays over at Duane Scott’s blog and I’m doing my part to add to the…ummm…culture that Duane has started. I included a film by my son Josh…which I believe fits right in.

Squirrels and a Nut - Final Mockumentary


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S Etole said…
Duane has indeed led squirrels into infamy ... or fame ...

Your son did a great job as well.
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks Susan...and yes, Duane has etched squirrels in my brain cells forever!
helenatrandom said…
Dr. Ruthi looks like she's a good sport! :-)

The squirrels around me are brazen and confrontational. Last time I tried to chase one out of my flower part, he stood his ground and eyed me up and down like I was a giant nut he was planning on taking down.
Jay Cookingham said…
Yes, she was...and my son totally surprised her with...squirrels as the topic.
Sorry about the militant squirrels in your yard!
Duane Scott said…
I love you Helen, but HAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!

"eyed me up and down like I was a giant nut"

Like I've said before, they're God's little mischief makers. "Causing havoc to housewives nation wide" is their motto.
Duane Scott said…
Um... Okay, I got quite a few good laughs outta that one.

I want to be friends with this kid on facebook.

No, seriously.

I think it is important.

"You can't escort truth out the door."

jasonS said…
Late to the party, but this was great! So funny. Thanks Jay. Your son's got the funny genes (or jeans, not sure which). :)
Jay Cookingham said…
Thanks son has more talent than I can only dream of!

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